Armed thieves rob patients at Rio de Janeiro hospital

The robbers stole valuables including mobile phones and money from people waiting for medical care in the reception area

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Gunmen held up patients and staff at a Rio de Janeiro hospital demanding valuables and money from them.

The shocking assault at the Hospital Norte D'Or was captured on CCTV and at least five men appear to be involved in the robbery on Monday night.

According to local media reports, the men gained entry to the building after claiming they were bringing someone in for medical attention.

Police Deputy Jorge Zahra described the attack: “Two were armed and two or three collected the valuables, such as mobile phones, from the people accompanying those in need of medical care.”  

Once inside they forced an estimated 22 people in the emergency waiting area to hand over their valuables, even the security staff were robbed.

The security footage shows one man brandishing a gun at patients while another took items from them.

A hospital employee attempted to escape from the gunman but she was caught but luckily unharmed.  

One woman visiting the hospital on Tuesday to pick up some exam results shared her shock “I don’t know how to say it… not even the sick are safe.” 

No one was injured in the incident and so far police say no arrests have been made in connection with the crime.