Authorities find 69 Haitians and one dead from migrant boat wreck in Bahamas

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After a six–day search, authorities found 69 Haitians, including one dead migrant, on a boat that wrecked on a desolate area of an island in the Bahamas.

Survivors said as many as 130 people were on board the 35–foot (10.5–meter) sailboat that wrecked on Great Inagua island around July 16, the Coast Guard said in a statement Wednesday, but that number was not confirmed.

Local police said the boat ran aground on a beach, so they do not believe anyone drowned.

The survivors were about 20 miles (30 kilometers) from civilization, the Coast Guard said. They walked in various groups until a game warden found one group of seven on Tuesday, which began the search for others, the Coast Guard said.

Authorities were continuing to look for migrants Wednesday, but the island's rough terrain and thick vegetation made it difficult to search.

Shortly after finding the first group of migrants, authorities found the body of a migrant on the beach near the boat wreckage, the Coast Guard said. Authorities did not say if the victim was male or female.