Baby girl confused after meeting her father's twin brother for the first time

The touching video has gone viral amassing over one million YouTube views

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This little girl doesn't know which way to look after she is passed into the arms of her father’s identical twin brother.

The heartwarming moment has been captured on camera and shows the baby girl apparently confused as she did a double take, first staring at her uncle and then her father.

She was passed into her uncle's arms before returning to her father, she did not appear to be distressed and instead quietly sucked her dummy and stared the pair of them. 

Her uncle says to her: "There's two of us, huh? You're confused, aren't you?"

This was the first time she had seen her uncle and her hilarious reaction to seeing double causes the rest of the family to burst out laughing. It all ended well though in a high-five and a fist bump, she even seemed to refer to her uncle as "cookie".

The video was originally uploaded back in December but only went viral two days ago when it was posted on news aggregating site Reddit.

Since then it has been uploaded multiple times onto video sharing sites LiveLeak and Youtube, one upload on YouTube has attracted over a million and a half views after it was posted on the 10 January.