Bank deposits $31,000 into account of 18-year-old boy by mistake and now wants it back - but he’s almost spent the lot

Cashier put money into account of the wrong Steven Fields, by the time the mistake was realised the boy had already taken out and spent over $25,000

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Earlier this month a man by the name of Steven Fields deposited $31,000 into his bank in Hull, Georgia.

10 days later, upon realising the money wasn’t showing up in his account, Mr Fields contacted the bank on 17 March.

It turns out the cashier had instead mistakenly deposited the funds into the account of a man with the same name as Mr Fields, and a teenager no less, The Athens Banner-Herald reports.

By the time the error had been reported, the 18-year-old Mr Fields had withdrawn $20,000 of the money in cash and spent a further $5000 on his debit card.

The day after the bank realised their mistake, the teen popped up to try and take out more money. Instead, he was told of the blunder and asked to return the funds he had already withdrawn.

Mr Field the younger refused, claiming the money was inheritance from his grandmother. He said he would bring in proof, but never did.

The police were then informed of the situation, and a deputy went round to the teenager’s house. He informed the young Mr Fields that he had to return the money as soon as possible.

The teen again said he thought the money was from an inheritance, but told the officer he would go to the bank to try and “settle the situation without going to jail,” a police report said.

The bank had told police that they would give Mr Fields a deadline of 5pm on 19 March to return all the money, or they would be prosecuting. He didn’t turn up.

By Thursday 27 March however, no charges had yet been filed relating to the case, ABC News reports. A First Citizens Bank spokesperson told the channel that it could not comment on a “matter under investigation” due to “privacy laws”.