Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau bond at the White House

The prime minister made Canada's first official visit to the US in almost 20 years.

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It had been nearly 20 years since a Canadian leader had made an official visit to the White House, but the two-decade absence didn't prevent Barack Obama from hitting it off with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday.

The two North American leaders discussed trade, security and clean energy, among other things. But, if pictures are any indication, they really just enjoyed each other's company.

"We're woven together so deeply as societies, as economies, that it's sometimes easy to forget how truly remarkable our relationship is," Mr Obama said, according to NBC News.

The last time a Canadian leader made an official visit was to Bill Clinton's White House in 1997. Both Mr Trudeau and Mr Obama said they would continue working together to achieve their common goals.

"Overall, the president and I agree on many things, including of paramount importance the direction we want to take our countries in," Mr Trudeau said, according to CNN. "I want to assure the American people they have a real partner in Canada."

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