Barack Obama shows world leaders how to actually have a personality

Febu... Februa... Febu... Febu-u-ary

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No world leader does effortlessly cool as well as Barack Obama. Fact.

In a "candid" video by Buzzfeed showing the US President getting ready for the proper interview, Potus can be seen self-deprecatingly sticking out his tongue at a mirror...


...sticking on a pair of shades and acting all Mr Cool...


...failing to dunk his over-sized cookie in a glass of milk...


and then blaming it on himself. "Thanks Obama."


There was of course, an important message behind the goofing around. None moreso than the promotion of the deadline for Americans to enroll in the Obamacare health insurance scheme, which you can do right here:

But who else could manage to pull off doing it with a selfie stick? Albeit in an ironic, knowing way


The full video is below

And people love him for it...

It's worth comparing his efforts to those of the British Prime Minster, David Cameron, who is yet to find his feet with the digital generation. When talking to a group of journalists at Christmas he asked: 'What's the Buzzfeed?"