Barack Obama poster artist Shepard Fairey joins gun control march in Washington

Famous for 'Hope' and 'Change' posters from the 2008 presidential election, Fairey says 'I’m not anti- 2nd Amendment, I’m pro-common sense'

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The artist famous for the "Hope" and "Change" posters which helped propel Barack Obama to the American presidency in 2008 has lent his artwork to the country's gun control lobby.

Today Shepard Fairey will be distributing copies of his latest work to protesters in Washington D.C. who are marching on the offices for the lobbyists for the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The match, led by Occupy the NRA and other groups, comes shortly after a proposal to expand the background checks for people buying guns online and at gun shows fell six votes short of winning the 60 votes needed to pass in the Senate.

President Obama called it "a pretty shameful day in Washington."

Last month Mr Fairey unveiled the new work (pictured) writing online: "This image has been controversial, but I’m glad to take the heat if it encourages more people to participate in a necessary conversation.

"I’m not anti- 2nd Amendment, I’m pro-common sense. No one needs an assault rifle with a 50 round clip, especially without a background check.

"Let’s not allow a powerful organization like the NRA to lobby, use fear tactics,  and ultimately dictate policy that is not supported by the majority of Americans."