Barack Obama’s holiday no-fly zone breached three times during Presidents' Day weekend break


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Three apparent breaches of a no-fly zone above President Barack Obama’s holiday spot along Florida’s Atlantic coastline are being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to the FAA, a Lancair 320 entered the temporarily restricted airspace on Saturday afternoon on a flight from Boca Raton to DeLand.

Yesterday morning, a Cessna allegedly entered the restricted flight area before landing  at Okeechobee Airport, and later in the day a Robinson R44 helicopter entered the no-fly zone en route to the same airport.

Two F-16 military jets escorted a small plane away from the  restricted area over Palm City on Saturday morning. US Army Lt Col Mike Humphreys said the planes forced the Cessna 152 to land in Witham Field in Stuart.

Meanwhile, the President played golf yesterday with Tiger Woods, the White House confirmed. The disgraced champion joined Mr Obama at the Floridian, a secluded and exclusive yacht and golf club on Florida’s Treasure Coast where the President  was spending the weekend Presidents’ Day break.

The two had met before, but this was the first time they had played together.