Baseball-sized hail stones smash car windscreen during massive Oklahoma storm - video

The storm was part of a massive weather system to pass over America's Midwest this weekend

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Baseball sized hail stones big enough to smash car windows fell over Oklahoma this weekend.

Footage taken by motorists driving outside the town of Tipton, Oklahoma captured the massive balls of ice as they fell from the sky, causing massive cracks in the vehicle’s window.

In the video, the passenger can be heard saying, “We are going to be taking some baseballs” as they tried to drive away from the massive storm that swept across Midwestern and southern states on Saturday and Sunday.

The severe weather emerged from the Rocky Mountains on Saturday and caused storms and tornadoes across nine states including Texas, Missouri and Kansas.

In Iowa, nearly 80 railway cars were blown over, while hundreds of homes were damaged in Texas and Louisiana.

So far there have been no reported deaths as a result of the storms.

The storms are expected to travel northwards on Monday, with Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Arkansas all expected to be affected by the strong winds and rains.