Batman has a meltdown in New York's Time Square, needs two Spidermen to calm him down

The video shows a street performer dressed as the caped crusader lose his cool with a passerby

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Usually a calm and collected superhero that fights crime on the streets of Gotham City, a viral video has shown how Batman’s attitude changes when he’s in New York.

  The clip filmed on Friday night shows a Batman impersonator in Time Square, New York, having an altercation with a man who accused him of swearing in front of his son and threatening to “kick [the passer-by's] ass”.

In the expletive-heavy video, a police officer separates the passer-by and the man dressed in the DC Comic book character’s signature black mask and cape.

Batman then says: “He ain’t got nothing on me” and yells that he “knows a gangsta when he sees one“ as another street artist dressed as Spiderman gently pats him on the back to calm him down.

Soon, the pair is joined by another Spiderman wearing a backpack who also tries to ease the situation.

Time Square is a popular tourist attraction in the US city where many street performers pose as film and TV characters.

NY Daily News has previously reported on the long hours that impersonators work for low wages. A separate Batman that spoke to the website earned $150 (£92) for a 15 hour day on average.

Last year, there were reports of another uncharacteristic explosion of anger in Time Square when a man dressed as the Cookie Monster allegedly harassed a mother and shoved her two-year-old son.

WARNING: video contains strong language that viewers may find offensive.