Baylor University gives all-clear after shooting suspect kills one and heads towards campus

The shooting incident comes 24 hours after a false text message to Baylor students warned of a 'campus emergency'

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Baylor University has said there is no "imminent threat" to students after a shooting suspect killed one person before heading towards campus.

University authorities in Texas released a statement Thursday afternoon warning students to seek shelter and stay away from windows following a fatal shooting.

"Shooting near campus. Possible suspect [was] seen at Ivy and 7th walking toward campus," the university statement read. "Seek immediate shelter."

In another message on social media to students, the suspect was desribed as a black male in his late teens or early 20s.

Baylor police and the Waco Police Department investigated the case, and soon deteremined there was no longer an "imminent threat".

An hour later, around 3.30pm, the university gave the all-clear and said operations would resume as normal.

CBS Dallas Fort Worth reported that early indications are that a young man approached a group of people who were gambling in a vacant lot off-campus and opened fire, which prompted the warning to students.

Authorities told the outlet that the suspect fled the scene and was heading toward campus.

Waco police said the suspect is still at large.

After authorities gave the all-clear, the university thanked its students and staff fon twitter or their "excellent response" to the university alert system.

The university also apologised to some students for receiving multiple messages that were not in chronological order, and blamed an "overloaded communications sytem" during a crisis.