Beaver found browsing Christmas decorations after wandering in to dollar store

Officers say the rodent strolled through the front door

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A beaver was found browsing Christmas decorations after wandering in to a dollar store.

The furry water-dwelling rodent was spotted rummaging through the aisles and flicking through decorations on the shelves at American Dollar General.

Police were called, but when it tried to flee, an animal control officer reportedly apprehended it.

Officers say the animal was later released to a wildlife rehabilitator.

“As a law enforcement officer, you just never know what your next call might be,” said the sheriff’s department.

Following the incident in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, the St Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office tweeted: “The beaver tweet may go viral! All joking aside, the beaver was safely rescued by animal control and was released to a wildlife rehabilitator.”

WJLA-TV said witnesses saw the beaver attempting to “select the perfect Christmas tree”.

“He’s going to be in trouble with the wife when he goes home without the Christmas tree,” one Facebook user said.

“This would be a great advertisement for that tree company,” another added. “Our trees look so real even the beavers go after them.”

It comes after London Zoo gorilla Kumbuka drank five litres of undiluted squash when it escaped its enclosure in October.