Ben Carson has an awkward outburst about not getting enough attention during the latest Republican debate

Much of the campaign so far has focused on Donald Trump, to the frustration of his rivals

Over the course of the Republican presidential candidacy race, one candidate has dominated headlines more than all others. Donald Trump has been the focus of news bulletins and headlines around the world as his comments attract both outrage and fascination.  

However, his infamy has left some of the other Republican candidates feeling somewhat underappreciated, as a bizarre outburst by Ben Carson proved last night.

During the Houston debate, Mr Trump was continually attacked, meaning that he was given the chance to respond to criticisms against him. This meant that he was the focus of the debate, to the extent that he even complained at one point that questions were being presented to him first too often.

This focus did not go unnoticed by Mr Carson, who at one point complained: “Can somebody attack me please?” The crowd responded with laughter and whistles. 

The retired neurosurgeon has been perceived by many as lagging behind his rivals in the debates and appearing increasingly irrelevant as the election race continues.

The Florida GOP primary is due to take place on 15 March. According to CNN, the most recent polls suggest that Mr Trump leads 44 per cent among voters, followed by Marco Rubio on 28 per cent and Ted Cruz on 12 per cent. John Kasich follows on 7 per cent, whilst Ben Carson polls at just 4 per cent.

The Ohio primary is due to take place on the same day, with polls suggesting Mr Trump will also win with 31 per cent, followed by Mr Kasich on 26 per cent. Mr Cruz polls at 21 per cent, whilst Mr Rubio stands at 13 per cent and Mr Carson stands at just 5 per cent.