Bodycam footage shows heroic Georgia police officer rescuing three-year-old boy from burning house

Officer Joe Hudson said he shared his story to try and combat the publicity aimed police recently

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This is the moment a policeman heroically rescued a three-year-old boy from a burning house in Georgia.

Caught on his bodycam, the video shows experienced Griffin Police Department officer Joe Hudson responding to a report of a fire by the boy’s Grandmother Lynne Brown.

Hudson can be seen entering the house as the homeowner Brown frantically tells him that there is a child in the house. After an initial search of the house was unsuccessful Hudson admitted he became worried.

“I got a little panicked for a second," Hudson said. “The smoke was so thick so I grabbed clothes off the bed and put them in front of my face.”

Brown told Hudson that there was another room in the house that could have been obscured by the smoke at the back of the house.

The officer again braved the smoke again to find the three-year-old lying on a bed in the room.

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“It was an instant sense of relief,” said Hudson. “I grabbed him and then a fellow officer opened the door for me and we ran out.”

Hudson, who is a father of three, said that he decided to speak about the incident to try to show the public that despite recent negative publicity, police are there primarily to “protect people” and “take care of the community”.

”It’s good for people to see we are human and we have children of our own. Ninety-nine per cent of us aren’t trying to arrest people,” Hudson said.

After pulling the child to safety, Hudson said that Brown gave him “a big hug and kiss” and thanked him for saving his grandchild.