Bolivia's new president sparks a new fashion craze

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The unlikely craze has been started by none other than the new Bolivian president, Evo Morales, renowned for forgoing diplomatic ritual and meeting international leaders in knitted sweatshirts. Bolivia's first Aymara Indian to have been elected president has met a number of world leaders dressed in his favourite alpaca jumper.

Now a Bolivian businessman has spotted a potential market for those wishing to emulate the eccentric leader. Raul Valda, owner of Punto Blanco clothing, is selling copies for as little as £4.50.

"This is going to be a line we call 'Evo fashion' that we hope will appeal to young people," he told the BBC. "We did not want to do another sweater, a copy of the one that the president wears, but a symbol of the president and what he wants to do."

Mr Morales will be sworn in officially as president tomorrow. It remains to be seen whether he will choose to wear an Armani suit, the usual choice of Latin American leaders, or stick to his jumper.