Boris Johnson: Photos of London’s mayor playing paperboy in Times Square

During his trip to the US, Boris Johnson passed out the London Evening Standard in New York

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The Independent US

In between a meeting with Hilary Clinton and a trip to Capitol Hill, London Mayor Boris Johnson paid a brief visit to Times Square in New York City to play the part of world’s most famous paperboy.

Mr Johnson came to Times Square shortly before 3 pm on Wednesday to hand out copies of the London Evening Standard, sister publication to The Independent, in a mutually beneficial publicity stunt.


The mayor proved to be an able paperboy, attempting to hand papers to anyone in the vicinity. He even tried to hand one to this reporter and continued to do so after I told him I did not need a copy. He was persistent, however, and I now have the paper on my desk.

Mr Johnson is on a six-day trip to the US and will move on to Washington DC on Thursday. He previously was in Boston and nearly got snowed in.

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