Brazil train collision: At least 220 injured as two passenger trains crash

A moving train careened into the back of another one at a station

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Scores of people have been left injured after two passenger trains collided at a station in Brazil.

Around 229 commuters were hurt in the incident in Mesquita near Rio de Janeiro, according to O Globo.

The accident happened on Monday around 8.20pm in the evening local time. A train had stopped in the station as passengers disembarked from the carriage, when another train slammed into it. Trains were suspended after the crash.

An eye witness recounted how he aided one those people injured, “I helped a girl who was crying for help because her knee was swollen.”

“She asked to lean on me because she couldn’t handle the pain. I helped to make her comfortable. She kept asking for her mother and father because she was badly hurt.”

Most of the passengers only sustained minor injuries in the accident, according to the emergency services.


The Transport Secretary for Rio de Janeiro Carlos Osorio said, “There’s no doubt that something went wrong.”

“This failure has to be investigated and the culprits brought before the law.”