'Bring me weed': Woman gets perfect response from police after plea for marijuana

One Twitter user briefly rose to fame after she used the site to send an open message asking for someone to bring her marijuana

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It's probably best not to advertise the fact that you might be prepared to pay for drugs. But that's what one woman did on Twitter - with her desperate plea eliciting a response from none other than the local police.

Rosa Sparkz - not her real name - sent the request on 21 July.

To which police casually responded:

But Sparks, from South Florida, was unruffled by the encounter, replying to the police message that she would "have a blunt waiting for you".

Since then she has enjoyed the moment of fame the internet has given her.

Her story made the news.

So she did some interviews.

But while her original tweet won her some admirers...

She has also had to deal with those who made clear they were less than impressed with her.

But that didn't really seem to bother her.

And she still got her weed.