British woman 'jumps to her death' at Hollywood plastic surgery clinic after reportedly undergoing a facelift

Sandra D’Auriol was said to have been aggressive and agitated shortly before she jumped from a 15-storey building

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A British woman has died after reportedly jumping from the top of a 15-storey building just hours undergoing a facelift the night before.

The woman has since been named as Sandra D’Auriol, a jewellery designer born in India to British parents, who had worked for Royal jewellers Asprey.

The 53-year-old had been visiting the clinic of Hollywood surgeon Dr Brian Novack before she jumped to her death from the top of the Beverly Hills building last week.

Dr Novack is said to be a favourite among high profile celebrities.

Her death was confirmed by Avi Rai, a former colleague at the Child Welfare Scheme in Hong Kong where Ms D’Auriol was a director.

Ms D’Auriol stayed overnight at the Camden Medical Arts building in Los Angeles, California, following the procedure for observation but awoke at 7am the next day aggressive and agitated, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

There has been speculation that her behaviour could have been caused by a bad reaction to her anaesthetic.

She then allegedly took off her gown and sat naked on the roof of the building for several hours, dangling her legs over the edge.

“She sat on the ledge naked, then got up and walked around the edge of the building as if on a tightrope. She sat back down again before getting up and jumping off,” a witness said.

Authorities spent three hours attempting to talk Ms D’Auriol down from the ledge. She paced up and down repeatedly, walked on the edge of the building before eventually jumping off.

Ms D’Auriol, a mother of two, was married to Yan D’Auriol, a former L’Oreal executive who runs a cosmetics business from Hong Kong, where they lived. 

Her death is being investigated by Beverly Hills police. Dr Novack has not yet commented on the incident.