Bungling burglar arrested after 'butt-dialling' 911 and giving away plans

Scott Esser gave away his master plan

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A would-be burglar foiled his own plans when he called the police and relayed his plans to empty drawers, smash in doors and steal watches – by accidentally calling them during his conversation.

In what is colloquially known as a "butt-dial", 42-year-old Scott Robert Esser framed himself for his own crime by alerting authorities in New Jersey to his proposed robbery.

He was talking with a co-conspirator about his plans and has since been caught and indicted by the Somerset County Superior Court, according to local news media NJ.com.

After listening to the call on 27 July, police received reports of $1,355 (£893) worth of jewellery being stolen from a house in the area nearby.

Police traced the phone to Esser and caught up with him in a car chase two days later in an area where yet another house had been broken into.

A search of the vehicle unearthed jewellery, electronic devices, a Playstation 4, a handgun and burglary tools, NJ.com reported.

Esser has been jailed in lieu of a $100,000 (£65,921) cash bail.