California woman ticketed for wearing Google Glass while driving to appear in court

Case raises questions about use of wearable technology in everyday life

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A California woman issued a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving is set to appear in a San Diego court today.

Technology developer Cecilia Abadie was pulled over in October by a California highway patrol officer on suspicious of speeding in a 60 mph freeway.

She received an additional citation for driving with a "visible monitor" on, which usually applies to TV screens and violates California state law.

Abadie, believed to be the first person cited for wearing Google Glass while driving, has pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Her attorney told the Associated Press the device was "turned off" and the officer "can't prove they were operating".

Abadie is one of the 30,000 "explorers" chosen to test Google Glass before it becomes commercially available later this year.

The case raises multiple questions about the use of wearable technology as these gadgets go mainstream.

On Monday, a New York assemblyman called for a ban on Google Glass while driving claiming that it is "dangerous and distracting", and threatens public safety in the same as texting while driving.

In the document, Mr Ortiz, who cited Ms Abadie's case, said: "The recent case in California where a woman was ticketed for distracted driving because she was wearing Google Glass while driving, highlights the need to expressly prohibit the use of this extremely dangerous technology".