Canadian Conservative candidate quits after footage emerges of him urinating into a mug

Jerry Bance was caught on a video camera in 2012 which had been set up to expose workmen overcharging for repairs

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A Canadian Conservative parliamentary candidate has dropped out of the race after footage emerged of him urinating into a mug in someone else's home.

Jerry Bance, who had been standing for the Conservative Party in a Toronto district, was caught on a video camera which had been set up in a home to expose workmen overcharging for repairs in 2012.

According to Canadian broadcaster CBC News, Mr Bance was filmed urinating into a mug before emptying its contents into the sink.

The broadcasters caught the ex-service repair man in the act for an exposure series called Marketplace.

It has since received a tip-off that the workman called “Jerry” in the video was in fact later political candidate Jerry Bance.

In a statement released on Sunday, Mr Bance said he regretted his actions three years ago.

“The footage from that day does not reflect who I am as a professional or a person. I deeply regret my actions on that day.”

A second Toronto candidate has also been dropped from the Conservative campaign after he was identified in another video on YouTube making prank calls and mocking people with disabilities, CBC has reported.

While campaigning in Ontario, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper told reporters: "What this says is we keep the highest standards for candidates and these two individuals are no longer candidates."

The Conservatives, who have ruled the country for almost a decade, are in a three-way race with the centre-left Liberals and New Democratic Party.

Additional reporting by Reuters