Canadian driver survives after flying through the air and crashing into a wall - video

The car went airborne for several seconds

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A dramatic car crash in Toronto, Canada, has been caught on CCTV camera, depicting a scene more out of a film than a normal car accident.

Video from CTV shows the moment a black vehicle ploughs through a fence and flies over several vehicles before crashing into a garage door, crushing the bonnet and completely ripping the roof off the vehicle.

CTV reported that the car was travelling at speed out of a petrol station and crashed head first into a repair shop. It is not known why the black Subaru was travelling so fast; one theory posits that the driver was accidentally pushing the accelerator instead of the brake.

The driver of the vehicle is in hospital in a serious condition but it is believed he will survive the ordeal.

The owner of the car repair shop told CTV, "The car went airborne, missing the cars that were parked and went through the building clean, and was stopped by a structural beam."