Chicago department store worker shot on Black Friday

The woman, 22, was said to have been shot by a former partner

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A man shot a woman in a busy Chicago store on Black Friday before turning the gun on himself, in what is thought to be a domestic incident.

The man, 31, fired at the woman in the Nordstrom department store where she was a temporary employee over the festive period.

John Escalante, chief of detectives at the Chicago police department, was reported by the Chicago Tribune as saying that the woman was the man’s girlfriend or former partner.

The gunman was identified as Marcus Dee and the woman as Nadia Ezaldein.

"She was working up on the second floor when he approached her, fired one shot, which struck her,” Detective Escalante said. “He then turned the gun to himself and shot and killed himself.”

After the shot was fired, employees at the store scrambled to evacuate terrified shoppers.

Witnesses described scenes of chaos as people tried to frantically evacuate the building.

When emergency services arrived at the store the man was pronounced dead at the scene, at approximately 10.30pm.

The woman, 22, was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in a critical condition. She died on Saturday at 3.43pm.

The department store was closed on Saturday but reopened on Sunday.