Chicago Police Department investigate officer in video allegedly saying Michael Brown ‘got what he had coming’

Amateur footage shows the comment was made during a heated exchange
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Chicago Police Department have launched an internal investigation after a video emerged allegedly showing a white police officer saying Michael Brown “got what he had coming”.

The officer was referring to the unarmed black teenager shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a white police officer in Ferguson.

Watch the footage below. Warning: Strong language.

The video shows a heated exchange between two men and a police officer dressed in plainclothes.

A voice is heard saying “It’s all black people that live here so I got no choice but to f*****g pull over black people… if you don’t like then move”.

The video continues with the cameraperson saying “You heard about Mike Brown no?”, to which the alleged officer replies, “Mike Brown deserved it, he got what he had coming.”

Chicago Police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi has said that the department has identified the officer in question - but would not name him.