Chicago woman accused of brutally murdering sleeping baby granddaughter using sledgehammer and carving knife

Polish-born Alreda Giedroj appears in court accused of first-degree murder

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A woman from Chicago has been charged with brutally murdering her sleeping five-month-old granddaughter using a sledgehammer and a carving knife.

Polish-born Alreda Giedroj appeared in court earlier this week accused of the first-degree murder of her daughter’s baby Vivian Summers, and has been held without bond in Illinois’ Cook County Jail.

The 61-year-old is alleged to have killed her granddaughter while she babysat on Sunday morning. Prosecutors claim she removed the sleeping child from a sofa placed her on the floor and repeatedly hit her with a sledgehammer. They say she then took a carving knife from the kitchen and cut the baby’s throat.

Giedroj was left alone with baby Vivian while her husband Bill and son-in-law Joel Summers went to help another family member with repairs to a house.

Prosecutors claim that at some point during the next few hours, Giedroj went to a cupboard where she had left a sledgehammer the previous day and begun a brutal attack on the child.

On returning to the house at 11am, Bill Giedroj discovered the baby’s body and called the police. Officers arrived and, according to reports, were forced to deal with an “armed suspect” inside the property.

Vivian was pronounced dead at hospital later the same afternoon.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, Cook County Assistant State Attorney Michael Deno said: “The defendant then hit the victim repeatedly in the head and body with the sledgehammer. Since the victim was still crying and moving the defendant went into the kitchen and retrieved a large carving knife.”

He added: “The defendant then picked the victim up, held her, and then slit her throat with the knife

Giedroj’s defence team say she is a naturalised US citizen who has lived in the country since 1983, although she needed an interpreter for her court hearing.

According to the Chicago Tribune, police chief Mike Murray declined to speculate on Giedrocz’s potential motive for the alleged killing, or whether or not she had a history of mental illness.

The case continues.