Chile News in Brief: 16/10/2010

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Bare essentials of life after ordeal

They have been offered money, holidays and football tickets. Could they want for anything more?

Step forward Adriana Barrientos, a reality-show personality in Chile, who has offered to perform a private striptease for the men. "It's something to improve their spirits, one dance for each of the 33, in private," Ms Barrientos told the newspaper La Cuarta. "The government should take care of them for life so they never have to work again and can live a dignified life."

'Phoenix' capsule set for world tour

It is not only the men who emerged from the San Jose mine who are in hot demand around the world. The metal capsule that brought the 33 miners to the surface has its own following. A senior government official said yesterday that the capsule, dubbed the "Phoenix" after the mythical creature that arose from ashes, might go on a world tour.

Painted in the red, white and blue of the country's flag, the capsule is scarcely wider than a man's shoulders. It worked beautifully during the escape, except for a minor problem with its door.

Camp Hope theme park was a spoof

One british newspaper, The Star, reported on its front page that Camp Hope would be turned into a theme park – despite the venue's remote location. However, its story, and the quote from the Chilean Tourist board that supported it, turned out to have been lifted from a spoof news website.

The mining minister,Laurence Golborne, said on Thursday that the escape shaft would be temporarily capped until a decision is made on what to do with the mine.