Christian band's deadly brawl with police in Walmart car park caught on camera

One died in the Arizona fight and two others were shot

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Police have released footage of a seven minute brawl involving officers and a family who are members of a Christian band, which left one dead and two others shot.

The Gaver family had allegedly been sleeping in an SUV, in a car park outside a Walmart store in Arizona when police were called.

Enoch Gaver, 21, was killed in the fight and David Gaver, 28, was shot in the abdomen and taken into custody, while a veteran police officer, Sergeant Jeremy Daniels, was shot and hospitalised but later released.

A Walmart employee called the police after a female worker was assaulted as she attempted to use the toilet.

The worker was physically shoved out of the way by a member of the Gaver family, who was apparently guarding the door for his mother inside.

When the police arrived in the car park they were immediately attacked by the family.

Cotton Police chief Jody Fanning said that Enoch Gaver had managed to disarm Sgt Daniels and shoot him in the leg.


After repeatedly hitting Enoch Gaver with a baton, to no effect, another officer shot him dead and wounded David Gaver.

Chief Fanning said that the officers only resorted to lethal force when all other options had been exhausted.

“The officers did a very good job of restraining themselves,” he told AZ Central.

In total, eight officers and one Walmart employee were assaulted during the fight.

The Gavers are well-known in the town of Boise, where three members of the family played in a Christian band called Matthew 24 Now and posed with religious signs.

Chief Fanning said that he did not know why the family started the fight, as the original offence that officers responded to was a misdemeanour.

Five members of the family were arrested on a range of charges, including aggravated assault, attempted homicide and obstruction and an 11 and 15-year-old were taken into juvenile custody.