Clinton: From President to king of daytime TV?

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One might have thought Bill Clinton had seen enough of himself on television after the Monica Lewinsky saga. Apparently, there are some things the former president cannot have too much of, because he is now reported to be interested in hosting his own television talk show.

A Clinton spokeswoman, Julia Payne, said yesterday he had met various people over the past year to consider potential projects, and on Wednesday saw NBC executives to discuss his own daytime show. But Mrs Payne said: "President Clinton did not demand a talk show. He went to listen. The president is gratified by the range of opportunities that have been presented to him."

The Los Angeles Times, which first carried the reports, was a little hesitant on the topic. While it quoted one source as saying Mr Clinton had ambitions to become "the next Oprah Winfrey", it cited many more – including the president of CBS and, indirectly, Mr Clinton himself – who said the speculation was no more than idle rumour.

One has to wonder what kind of show, if any, Mr Clinton has in mind. Does he really want to compromise his political legacy with Oprah-style investigations into the fallibility of human nature (including his own)?

This is not the first time there has been talk of Mr Clinton going to Hollywood. Towards the end of his presidency there were rumours he would join his buddies Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen. None of it came to pass.