Clorox bleach company tries to make joke about racially diverse emojis... and fails

'Where's the bleach?'

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Bleach company Clorox has found itself at the centre of a Twitter-storm after asking: “Where’s the bleach?”

This might seem innocuous, it’s important for a bleach company to know where the bleach is, you might think. However, the tweet was in response to the new batch of emojis which have been noted for their racial diversity.

Understandably some people felt the need to point out the issues with the tweet:

The company’s twitter bio reads: “We laugh in the face of mess. And we’ve got the tweets to prove it.” But this is one mess they haven’t been able to laugh in the face of. Instead, Clorox sent out this apology tweet:

This doesn’t really make sense in the context of the original tweet, and you definitely shouldn’t be putting bleach in your wine, but it’s probably enough to wipe the slate clean for the company.