Confederate flag comes down in South Carolina - see what it was like at the ceremony

Thousands of people came out in Columbia for the removal of the Confederate flag

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The Confederate flag was removed from the grounds of the State House in South Carolina in less than 30 seconds.

But the quick removal did not stop thousands of people - of all creeds and colors - from coming out to see for themselves a piece of history.

TV vans swarmed the South Carolina Capitol, while news helicopters circled overhead.

Armed guards watched over a number of monuments at the state Capitol as well as monitored the sizeable crowd.

Despite the business of the day being the removal of the Confederate flag, a few supporters brought their own.

In the end, the flag's removal was much more of a celebration than anything. As the crowd got antsy, many began chanting, “Take it down”.


When, after 50-plus years of flying, the Confederate flag finally was removed, people broke into passionate chants of, “USA”.




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