Corporate victims slowly count the human cost

World Trade Centre Tenants
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Morgan Stanley

With 3,500 retail brokers working in the World Trade Centre, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter was the largest lessee in the twin towers. It thought the "vast majority" had escaped from its offices that spanned 25 floors of one of the towers. Yesterday, all of its businesses were functioning from a number of empty trading floors.


The company that owns Salomon Brothers had offices in 7 World Trade Centre but had previously relocated the bulk of its operations. It said it had "successfully evacuated all employees" in time. The bank was fully operational yesterday.

Credit Suisse First Boston

It successfully evacuated all 800 staff. Its main offices at 11 Madison Avenue were unaffected and yesterday it was business as usual.


Fourteen of its 38 branches in Manhattan were closed. A further branch, which was within the twin towers, was destroyed, though its 21 employees were safe. HSBC's New York headquarters on Fifth Avenue were open for business yesterday.

Cantor Fitzgerald

The London-based inter-dealer brokers had operations on the 101st and 103rd to 105th floors. It had 1,000 people working in the building.


Of the 675 people working for London-based ICAP, most escaped unharmed although the company said it could not account for a "small number of staff". This included a small British contingent. ICAP, the world's biggest money-broker, deployed key staff to other locations, including the New York offices of other brokers.

Credit Agricole Indosuez

The securities unit of France's second-biggest bank said yesterday that around 100 employees at its Carr Futures unit, which was based on the 92nd floor, were still missing.

Merrill Lynch

It managed to evacuate 9,000 employees from its offices across the road from the World Trade Centre. Yesterday it was still trying to confirm that all its employees were safe. Most were told to stay at home.

Standard Chartered

It employed 450 staff in one of the buildings that collapsed. They were evacuated after the first aircraft hit the building but yesterday it was still confirming how many got home safely.

Thomson Financial

Two hundred of its New York staff worked in the World Trade Centre. It said that it had safely accounted for most of them. It could not confirm rumours that one staff member had been on a hijacked planes.

Deutsche Bank

It estimated that "all 360 people were evacuated safely". Said it had already transferred all of its systems to its backup facilities elsewhere.

Bank of America

It was unable to confirm how many of its 400 employees were working in the building.

Lehman Brothers

It was able to account for "nearly all" employees, some of whom have now been sent to its office in New Jersey.


Barclays Capital, the company's investment banking division, saw its New York offices evacuated at 222 Broadway, close to the World Trade Centre. Its New York workers stayed at home yesterday. There were no casualties.

Dresdner Bank

It thought all of its 500 or so New York employees were safe and well.


It thought all 300 staff had survived unscathed.

New York Board of Trade

It thought all employees and members were safely evacuated but could not confirm this. It intended to resume trading in a back-up facility.

American Express

It employed 3,000 people at its corporate headquarters, at the World Financial Centre. Staff were evacuated after the second plane hit. It is unsure how many employees are missing.

Mizuho Holdings

The Tokyo-based bank was yesterday missing 532 of the 1,500 employees working in the collapsed building.

Keefe Bruyette & Woods

It was still missing more than 75 of its 170 employees.

Oppenheimer Fund

Its employees had not been hurt by the attack.

Asahi Bank

Around four-fifths of its 100 staff members were unhurt and it was still looking for the others.

Sinochem American Holdings of China

One of China's largest trading companies said it expected there to be some losses, but could not confirm how many.


All its 400 staff were well.

Wachovia Corp

The fourth-largest bank in the US was still looking for its 48 capital management employees who worked in the complex.

Bear Stearns

Was unaware of any missing employees.

Nikko Securities and Okasan Securities

Most staff members were safe

Chuo Mitsui Trust & Banking and Shizuoka Bank

Both banks could account for most of their staff.