CPAC 2015: 19 images that show the craziness of the right-wing conference

See the photos taken from CPAC 2015

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The Conservative Political Action Conference is unlike any other political convention in the US.

CPAC is a yearly chance for the most right-wing members of American politics to get together. The 2015 iteration of the conference kicked off Thursday just outside of Washington DC and, as expected, offered a fascinating glimpse into US conservative politics.

Below are 19 photos that depict the experience of CPAC 2015.

This robot, called Govtron, is supposed to represent all that is wrong with the liberal government. His creators said it will take a super-hero politician to defeat Govtron.



Of course no conservative conference is complete without former President Ronald Reagan, here joined by none other than "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher.


Here is a conference-goer with his Gadsden flag, a common symbol of the Tea Party.


A selection of some of the literature available for purchase at CPAC 2015. Notice the titles.


The facade of the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Centre, where CPAC 2015 was held.


A conservative sign playing off the movie Field of Dreams and promoting smaller government, a popular topic at CPAC.


The CPAC stage from which all the major politicians who came to the convention spoke.


A man shoulders a gun to take target practice in one exhibition at CPAC. It was not a real gun, of course.


One of the more creative costumes seen at CPAC 2015.


The Maryland bank of the Potomac River. The convention centre overlooks the river.


Phil Robertson, from popular television show Duck Dynasty, took the stage on Friday afternoon.


Convention-goers pose with Iron Man and Captain America in one of the ballrooms at CPAC 2015.


One of the defining features of CPAC is the annual straw poll, released at the end of the weekend, that shows which politician won the most favor at the convention.


This flier at the National Rifle Association booth advertises a gun raffle. Three days in a row, the NRA raffled off firearms.


One booth at CPAC used corrupt and fictional politician Frank Underwood, from the Netflix show House of Cards, to make a point.


Another booth was giving a pro-gun stickers. There was also a t-shirt with this image -- a play on the Starbucks logo.


One of the most popular booths at CPAC was the 'Big Government Sucks' booth. People all around the conference could be seen wearing stickers with the same slogan.


The interior of the hotel and convention centre. The massive complex had numerous restaurants, bars, salons and conference space.


Another example of the pro-gun materials that were floating around at CPAC.


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