Cronut bakery in New York forced to close due to 'severe mouse infestation'

A customer posted footage of a mouse in the SoHo bakery online

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Foodies looking for their favourite croissant-doughnut fix will be sorely disappointed – health officials have closed a New York bakery famous for its Cronuts because of a “severe mouse infestation”.

A Department of Health spokeswoman said the Dominique Ansel Bakery in Manhattan's SoHo neighbourhood was shut down on Friday. She said the rodent problem requires professional pest control but the bakery can reopen after inspectors have determined the problem is fixed.

Dominique Ansel spokeswoman Amy Ma said a customer posted a video of a mouse online instead of telling bakery staff. She said workers are re-cementing the basement and will exterminate the mice and that the bakery plans to reopen on Monday. 

On Twitter, users expressed dismay at the incident. @Sal0630 tweeted: “The heartbreak I feel right now is only something Adele could describe.”

And @CandiceSpringer said: “Today is a sad day. My heart breaks.”

But other users made light of the infestation. @RustyGoat tweeted: “Wait, I didn't order any raisins on my Cronut.”

And @AZenner said: “Is that what makes them taste so good?”

Cronuts have become a craze in New York since they were launched by the bakery on 10 May, 2013, with queues at the tiny eatery often forming at dawn, hours before it opens.

The cream-filled, sugar-dusted, glazed cakes are made fresh on-site each day and only one flavour of Cronut is sold each month. Previous flavours include rose vanilla, coconut, peanut butter rum caramel and milk and honey. For April, passion fruit caramelia chocolate (with cocoa nib sugar) is on sale.