'Damn Daniel' Twitter star gets lifetime supply of trainers, gives them away

Vans take advantage of viral video star's love of their footwear 

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A social media star has used the perks of fame to cheer up sick children. Daniel Lara is the star of “Damn Daniel,” a video which went viral after being posted to Twitter. It was filmed by his friend Joshua Holz and was shared 350,000 times.

Skate footwear company Vans capitalised on the new fame of the Daniel, and granted him a lifetime’s supply of trainers. Daniel's flashy trainers feature heavily in the video.

He used the opportunity to give the shoes out to patients at the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in central California.

The donation happened on 11 March, Joshua’s birthday.

The Loma Linda Hospital said: “You truly made our day and we are so happy to be able to be part of your birthday!”

The video also attracted attention from other brands and musicians.

California rockers Weezer recently featured the pair in a new music video ‘California Kids.’