Detroit sinkhole: Locals turn huge crater into roadside fishing pond

Blue gill, goldfish and carp, are the hole's residents

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The Independent US

Residents in the US city of Detroit are taking advantage of a sinkhole which has been left unsealed for years, by turning it into a roadside fishing spot.

The crater on Hull Street in the state of Michigan appeared around four years ago.

Deciding to turn the otherwise inconvenient gap into a positive feature on the road, residents filled it with blue gill, goldfish and carp - which are multiplying.

But locals insist that while they enjoy the pond, they’d prefer the road to be fixed, ABC affiliate WXYZ reported.

“We like our fish, but honestly we'd like the road fixed,” said local Pete Bolden.

Utility firm Detroit Edison has told the broadcaster that it has sent out a crew to investigate the hole for the Detroit Water and Sewage Department.

Earlier in August, a 40ft-wide sinkhole appeared on the busy Mancunian Way road in Manchester, and soon became an unlikely tourist attraction and a setting for selfies.

It appeared after heavy rain caused flooding in the area.

The council has warned motorists to be aware of the sinkhole, which could take as long as five weeks to repair, according to the Manchester Evening News. 

Sinkholes generally created by erosion and the drainage of water. Cover-subsidence sinkholes are created gradually, while cover-collapse sinkholes appear suddenly.