Diamond and Silk: Who are the eccentric pair Donald Trump retweeted at 5.40am?

'My President never says anything that is stupid," the sisters say. 'See, that what’s wrong with you left people, you always want to be so politically correct.'

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It was probably the ultimate endorsement for the sisters who describe themselves as Donald Trump's “most outspoken and loyal supporters” - a retweet from the US leader himself at 5:40am in the morning.  

Known as Diamond and Silk, Lynnette Hardway and Rochelle Richardson are former Democrats, who changed their allegiance when Mr Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency. They say they they love him for his honesty. 

The double-act from North Carolina, who post video blogs on YouTube, also claim to stand for the “silent majority”, who are deeply concerned about political corruption and the unethical tactics of special interest groups and lobbyists. 

They have 80,000 subscribers on the video sharing site, where they discuss America's hot political topics.

The pair’s blunt political rants on their “The Viewers View” channel are not politically correct and the sisters say their speak their minds 100 per cent.  

Diamond is loud and chatty, while Silk emphasises everything her sister says by repeating the end of her sentence or adding “That’s right” and “Yeah”. 

Now it seems they have a fan in the US President himself, after he shared their tweet about Preet Bharara, the former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who was fired by Trump after he refused to resign

Pictured wearing bright red shirts with “Trump” embroidered on their right shoulder, the sisters called on Mr Bharara to: “Pack Yo Stuff and Go”. 

They repeated their message in a separate YouTube video

“If you are told to resign, that means step down, but if you don’t that means you gotta go," they said. "If they say you gotta go that means bye bye, see you later, sawa nawao, adios amigos, that’s what that means. That means you should have packed your little boxes and you should have left. It gotta you all over the news as a little crap baby for not resigning, instead you had to be fired." 

The sisters’ YouTube channel was first aimed to talk back at the media elite’s “fake news”, but the pair endorsed Mr Trump when he announced his candidacy.

They became known as the “Stump for Trump Girls”, appearing at rallies in North Carolina and Mississippi. 

After he was elected as President, they continued to defend Mr Trump's policies on immigration, his travel ban and the wall he wants to build on the border between the US and Mexico. 

“He wants to protect us from being coming into our country, who want to chop off our heads,”  Diamond told the BBC's Newsnight. “My President never says anything that is stupid. See, that what’s wrong with you left people, you always want to be so politically correct. Well he's not politically correct, he is earnest and we love him for his honesty. 

“There is nothing my President can do that makes me feel sore. He makes us happy, we love him."

She added that “she blamed the media” for saying the election had been hacked by the Russians. 

Writing on their website, the pair said Mr Trump’s appeal was that he was not a politician, “who dances to the tune of lobbyists”, but a “successful businessman” who is not dictated to by any interest group. 

“While some of our supporters may be surprised to see two American (Black) women voicing their opinions about these issues, it’s not a racial or cultural thing.  It’s about doing the right thing when it comes to “We the American People!”,” they wrote.