Donald Sterling banned from Bunny Ranch brothel following 'racist' rant


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American brothel owner Dennis Hof has banned disgraced LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling from his Nevada sex clubs out of respect for his "smoking hot" African-American prostitutes and NBA players.

Mr Sterling found himself the subject of an outcry in the US last week, after he was allegedly recorded making racist remarks in an explosive conversation with girlfriend V. Stiviano.

In the recording obtained by gossip website TMZ, Sterling allegedly told her not bring black men to basketball games or post photographs on her Instagram account associating herself with black people.

The sports mogul has been banned from the National Basketball Association (NBA) for life and will have to pay a $2.5 million fine, the most severe punishment ever handed down to a team owner, for his "deeply offensive and harmful" remarks.

Adding to Mr Sterling's personal turmoil, he has nowbeen banned from Mr Hof's Bunny Ranch brothel near Carson City, Nevada, in a show of support for his high-flying NBA clientele and his "smoking hot" employees.

"A lot of NBA players come here to party,” Mr Hof told the Huffington Post. "Out of respect to them, we have banned Sterling from coming here.".

In a separate statement, the American pimp and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $20 million, said he declared Mr Sterling persona non-grata to protect his African-American staff, some of whom were left in tears as a result of his comments.

"At any given time, 20 to 23 per cent of the prostitutes here are African-American," he added. "And they’re smoking hot. Some of them were crying this morning, so we’re doing this for them as well. We don’t need racists or bigots at the Bunny Ranch."

Mr Hof wouldn’t confirm or deny if Mr Sterling had ever visited the Bunny Ranch given its confidentiality policy. What we do know is that he won't be visiting any time soon.