Donald Trump calls a woman veteran ‘sweetie’ as he announces all-male foreign advisor team

He asked the woman to come up on the stage and offered her a job after she said she was a 9/11 survivor


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Donald Trump patronised a woman by calling her “sweetie” and offered her a job because she was a survivor of the 9/11 attacks, shortly after he announced his all-male foreign policy advisor team.

Just hours before the Republican was due to speak at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and a few hours after deciding which men would advise him on foreign affairs, Mr Trump was answering questions about his latest hotel under construction in Washington DC.

One woman asked whether his new hotel, the old Post Office building, would hire veterans.

“Here's what I'm going to do, stand right over here,” he said to her, praising her "smart" appearance in a yellow two-piece suit.

“If we can make a good deal in the salary, she's going to probably have a job.”

When asked why he would offer a job to someone that he did not know, Mr Trump replied: “”I have a gut instinct, we are allowed to have that.”

The woman came forward to hug him and kiss his cheek. 

He said: “Thanks sweetie. That’s nice”, and waited for her to take her seat again.

Mr Trump had just announced five men who would be his closest advisers on foreign policy.

The real estate mogul who has hosted several seasons of television show "The Apprentice", failed to bring out his catchphrase, "You're hired!"

Twitter users expressed frustration about the “patronising” and “degrading” way Mr Trump had addressed the woman.

An anti-Trump Super Pac recently posted a viral video which has compiled a list of insults and patronising comments Mr Trump has made towards women, including "pigs" and "bimbos".

He denied seeing the video on live television, despite admitting to the same news channel moments before he went on air that he had seen it.