Donald Trump contradicts himself on live television over whether he watched video of his own sexist comments

Mr Trump told ABC News on the phone he had watched the Super PAC video and minutes later live on television he said he had not seen it


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Donald Trump has been caught out for apparently lying on live television about whether he had seen a viral video that listed his sexist and degrading comments about women during the presidential campaign.

Mr Trump, who enjoyed a sweeping victory in three out of five state primary votes on 15 March and knocked out his rival Marco Rubio, was questioned by ABC News that morning about whether he had watched the video posted by the anti-Trump Political Action Committee (PAC) group.

He admitted he had watched the video, but minutes later he reversed his position on live television.

“I have not seen the ad, so I would have to see it. I’ve heard about it but I’ve not seen it,” he said.

Katie Packer, former Mitt Romney deputy campaign manager and founder of the Super PAC behind the video, which has millions of dollars of donations, then tweeted: “Liar liar pants on fire. Why believe a word he says?”

The video, which now has almost 2.5 million views on YouTube, lambasted the front-running Republican candidate for calling women “bimbos”, “dogs” and "fat pigs”, advocating that women should look after the children and that it was best to treat women “like sh*t”.

He famously thus referred to Carly Fiorina, his former rival: “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?”

“This is how Trump talks about our mothers, our sisters, our daughters,” the video said.

Mr Trump has also continued his attack on Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, calling her “crazy” and “unwatchable” on Twitter in the run-up to his three-state victories this week. 

His feud with the news anchor led him to boycott a Republican debate hosted by the network last month, although he had appeared to have improved relations with her at a recent debate where he addressed her with the words: “Hello, you look well”.

Ms Packer founded the Super PAC in January with the aim to “kill off” Donald Trump and has accused him of identifying himself more with the Democrats - the problem is he is not Republican enough.

The group has reportedly spent $5.3 million on airing videos on cable TV networks to bring him down, as reported by The Telegraph.

Another video from the PAC has focused on the growing use of aggression and violence at Mr Trump's rallies, and includes the case of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields who was allegedly grabbed and "yanked down" by Mr Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Mr Lewandowski has denied the claims. He stood by Mr Trump on the stage on Tuesday evening while Mr Trump announced that reporters were "disgusting" and his campaign manager had done a "good job".