Donald Trump hits back at Mitt Romney over tax allegations

The Republican front-runner has hit back at Mr. Romney over tax comments.

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Never one to shy away from a fight, Donald Trump has hit back at 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney after Mr. Romney ironically suggested that the current Republican front-runner may be hiding something in his tax returns.

Mr. Romney said earlier this week there could be a "bombshell" in Mr. Trumps taxes and encourage him to make public recent tax returns.

The Donald, unsurprisingly, took offense to these statements and fired back at Mr. Romney.

Many were surprised that Mr. Romney would bring up tax returns in his attack on Mr. Trump, as the former Massachusetts governor came under fire in 2012 when his tax returns revealed he was taking advantage of tax loopholes that benefit the rich.

But others suggest that this is just the beginning of attacks on Mr. Trump from the Republican establishment, which is reeling as Mr. Trump has surged to the top of the Republican field.

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