Don't Occupy my wedding: Bride’s big day ruined as anti-Nato protesters descend on Chicago


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The Independent US

As Elizabeth and Tim Alberts stepped out of the church in which they’d just married, the last thing they’d have expected was their big day being hijacked by Occupy Chicago protesters.

But after exchanging their marriage vows, the newlyweds found themselves in the middle of a huge anti-Nato rally, which was also targeting Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s budget cuts.

Standing shocked and open-mouthed among protesters chanting ‘Whose streets? Our streets’, the couple - both Chicago residents - were filmed telling the wedding party to ‘get out of here’.

Mrs Alberts, a "spa aesthetician", was also heard asking passers-by if they had taken her bouquet.

There were high tensions and frequent clashes between protesters and police in the ongoing protests. Violence broke out in pockets around the city, as this article reveals: