'Drunk' driver spectacularly launches pick-up truck off the upper deck of Boston highway

Vannak Sao admitted to police that he had been 'lacking sleep' and had been drinking

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An allegedly drunk driver was lucky to escape with his life after he spectacularly drove his pickup truck off the upper deck of an elevated expressway in Boston on Sunday morning.

Driver Vannak Sao, 33, admitted to police that he was under the influence when traffic cameras caught him veering off the upper deck southbound Interstate 93 and onto the road 10 metres below.

In the video, Sao is captured driving hitting a light pole and an exit sign, before landing just metres in front of oncoming traffic on the northbound road below.

Video courtesy of MassDOT

 Firefighters had to be called to extricate Sao from his pickup but miraculously he survived with only facial injuries.

Speaking to WBZ-TV, Sao said that he had fallen asleep at the wheel at 6am in the morning after drinking at “a buddy’s house”.

He said: “It was a mixture of drinking and being tired. I just remember kind of falling asleep and I remember hitting the snowbank and kind of rattling a little bit.”

Vao said that he had just started a new job working night shifts and was still getting used to the sleep schedule.

He added: "I am trying not to watch the video, but I am checking it out and it's kind of crazy

“I feel idiotic a little bit, that's how I feel."

Sao has now been charged by Boston police with operating under the influence of alcohol and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.