El Chapo was caught by Mexican police 'because he wanted a film to be made about his life'

The notorious drug lord reportedly wanted a film to be made about his infamous life

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One of the world’s most notorious on-the-run drug lords was recaptured because he wanted to make a film about his life, it has been reported.

Joaquin Guzman, who is better known by the moniker ‘El Chapo’ was captured by Mexican authorities after a pre-dawn shoot-out and chase through the city of Los Mochis on Friday.

Attorney General Arely Gomez said that authorities were able to trace the fugitive because he wanted a film biopic to be made about his life and his “people” were communicating with actors and producers on his behalf.

It is not known which actors or producers were said to be involved in the talks.

Police say that after deducing his whereabouts, Mexican marines identified and entered El Chapo’s safe house. He fled through the city's drainage system, before engaging in a car chase with the police; during which he was caught.

A soldier looks down a manhole as part of a security operation following El Chapo's attempts to evade police via the city's drainage system

Police say that five of his accomplices were killed and six were arrested following the chase.

Guzman was reportedly then subsequently flown back to Mexico City, before being transferred by naval helicopter back to the Altiplano.

Guzman is bundled into a helicopter by Mexican marines as they prepare to transfer him back to prison

The drug lord has been found guilty of masterminding a sprawling enterprise of illegal drugs primarily brought into the United States, including cocaine, heroin and marijuana.

He first escaped prison in 2001 after bribing prison officials, before being recaptured in 2014. He disappeared again last July, after tunnelling a route through the shower wall of his prison cell. The tunnel was over a mile long, complete with lights, rails and installed with a motorbike.



El Chapo’s daring escapes have been seen by many as a source of embarrassment for the Mexican political and legal systems and a sign that the country’s officials were easily bribed and manipulated to criminal end.

President Enrique Pena Nieto has previously spoken of his commitment to return him behind bars. Following his arrest on Friday, the politician tweeted: “Mission accomplished: we have him”.

With additional reporting by Reuters