Elderly couple 'pose for selfies' after flipping car while wife is still trapped inside

Neighbours say the couple posed for pictures after their vehicle overturned

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An elderly couple who managed to flip their car onto its side apparently decided to do what any self-respecting person with a smartphone would do - take selfies with the overturned vehicle.

Benjamin Neufeld, 87, stood at the side of the car for pictures while his wife Elizabeth Neufeld, 85, asked for her purse so she could grab her phone while still trapped inside the Honda.

"It didn't skid, it didn't slide, it didn't bounce, it just fell over," Mr Neufeld explained, who said he did not take any pictures himself.

Neighbours and residents in the area quickly rushed to the couple's aid, only to find Ms Neufeld sitting calmly in her car while her husband stood next to it.

Ryan Steinberg, a neighbour who witnessed the incident, told ABC News 7: "She's trapped in the car, it's on its side, [...] and out came the cameras. She grabs her cellphone and starts texting people and takes a little selfie of herself."

His wife Cara Steinberg added: "So I'm sending her pictures while she's trapped in this car, and Ben is right outside the car just kind of going, 'hey, you OK in there?'"

The pair, who have been married for 60 years, were unhurt in the incident. It is still not known how Ms Neufeld managed to topple the car over, who said it happened as she was trying to pull into her driveway in Bel Air, Los Angeles.