Emotional video showing the moment a father buys his dad a house goes viral, racking-up almost 5.5 million views in over a week

YouTube sensation, Angry Grandpa, is the centre of what viewers think is another prank

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A highly emotional video showing the moment a son reveals to his father he bought him a house has gone viral, racking-up almost five-and-a-half million views in just ten days.

Charles Green, 64, has been the main attraction of his own YouTube channel, The Angry Grandpa Show, for five years in which his youngest son, Michael Green, plays pranks on his elderly dad – to hilarious and over-the-top reactions.

Charles’ fan-base has steadily grown over the years and he currently has 1.3 million subscribers and almost 300 million views on his YouTube channel from across the world.

However, in Michael’s latest video clip, there was nobody laughing.

At the beginning of the clip, Michael explains to viewers how he and his girlfriend, Bridgette, have been planning a major prank on Angry Grandpa for months.

However, the couple actually take Charles house-hunting with them, telling him he and Bridgette are looking to buy.

Charles who, at the time, lived in a trailer park, quickly starts pin-pointing all his favourite parts to the house and, after looking over the entire place, Michael hands his dad the key and tells him the house is really his.

A visibly shocked Charles refuses to believe it, insisting that Michael takes the key back, adding: “You can’t do this.”

Charles then breaks-down, sobbing uncontrollably, insisting to Michael he and Bridgette deserve to live their own life and that he “doesn’t deserve” a new home.

Telling Michael he loves him and just how much he relies on him, both father and son are inconsolable as Michael tells his dad: “Every kid wants to buy their father a house.”

Watch the video here (warning – contains highly emotional content):