Eva Braun: Underwear apparently belonging to Hitler’s lover for sale at Ohio antiques shop

Buyer would have to fork over $7,500 for the panties of history

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Eva Braun may have been with Adolf Hitler in the Berlin bunker where they both took their lives at the curtain of the European Theatre of World War II, but a piece of her remains – of all places in an antiques shop in Ohio.

Mantiques, the store in Elmore, Ohio, is listing a pair of silk panties that allegedly belonged to Ms Braun - Hitler's longtime lover - for $7,500, according to the Daily Beast. The underwear have an “EB” monogram.

The knickers belong to Ernie Scarango, the owner of Mantiques, who claims he bought them from Charles Snyder, an avid collector of WWII memorabilia. Mr Snyder claims that he bought the underwear from a soldier who was serving in the US military and was part of the group that liberated Berchtesgaden, a region containing Hitler’s Berghof home.

The Independent was unable to verify these claims and the underwear was sold to Mr Scarango with a letter of authenticity signed by Mr Snyder.