Facebook removes memorial page for late journalist Juliana Ribeiro Campos

Ms Campos' mother said the page was causing her distress

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Facebook has removed a page memorialising a Brazilian journalist, after a judge ruled in favour of the woman’s mother who called the page a “wailing wall”.

Juliana Ribeiro Campos, who worked as a press officer in the City of Campo Grande, died aged 24 from complications following surgery last in May 2013

Ms Campos’ mother, sociology professor Dolores Pereira Coutinho, attempted for seven months to remove the profile herself, but received only automatic replied, according to BBC News.

The social media website then stopped public access to Ms Campos’ profile, and reverted it to a memorial page.

Mrs Coutinho took her case to court, arguing that the page was causing her distress.

“This 'wailing wall' just makes me suffer too much,” Juliana's mother, sociology professor Dolores Pereira Coutinho, earlier told BBC News.

“On Christmas Eve many of her 200 friends posted pictures they had taken with her and recalled their memories. She was very charismatic, very popular. I cried for days,” she said.

Judge Vania de Paula Arantes ruled on 19 March and again on 10 April that the page should be tkane down from Facebook immediately.

She cited that making the girl's profile into a “memorial wall” went against “the right of personal dignity and inflicted great suffering on the mother, due to the premature death of her only child”.

In a further ruling, Facebook was ordered to remove the page within 48 hours. The punishment for failing to comply was set as imprisonment, according to BBC News.

Facebook has a set of guidelines for dealing with a death, which give the right to remove a deceased user's timeline and all content associated with it upon request by a verified family member.

Facebook has not yet responded to a request for a comment.