Family fortunes: Paris comes up short in grandpa's judgement

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It hasn't been a good year for Paris Hilton. First came a spell in jail for drink driving. Now her grandfather, the hotel squillionaire Barron Hilton, is so mortified by her behaviour that he has cut her out of his will. Instead of raking in her share of 1.15bn when he dies, she will now have to watch as it is frittered away on clean drinking water in Africa. Like, bummer.

It hasn't been a good year at all for heirs. Anna Nicole Smith's inherited millions stirred up another hornets' nest when she died in February. Jamie Blandford, disinherited in 1994, was arrested on drink driving charges. Then there was Bane Kostic, who disinherited his family and left his entire 8.2m estate to the Tories to help them fight "satanic and bestial monsters". A judge decided he was mad as a balloon and reversed his decision the poor Tories must know how Paris feels now.

Paris Hilton

Says she is a businesswoman and doesn't live off her inheritance so she won't miss her share of the 1.15bn her granddad is leaving to charity.

Tori Spelling

The star of 'Beverly Hills 90210', was disinherited by her TV mogul father Aaron after leaving her husband for a married man. She has done OK since.

Princess Stephanie

Prince Rainier of Monaco redrew his will to leave his wild-child daughter, only 1 per cent of his 18bn. It didn't stop her running away with the circus.

Nancy Cunard

Like Paris, Nancy was disinherited when she scandalised her family. The Cunards were mortified by her love affair with black musician Henry Crowder.