Family of Sandra d'Auriol say they believe her death may be linked to anesthetic as police launch investigation

Ms D'Auriol had stayed overnight at the clinic after undergoing plastic surgery

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The family of Sandra D'Auriol, a British woman who allegedly jumped to her death from the roof of a Beverly Hills clinic, have said they believe her death may have been linked to the anaesthetic used on her as she was undergoing plastic surgery.

Ms D’Auriol had been visiting the clinic of Hollywood surgeon Dr Brian Novack before she allegedly jumped to her death from the top of the Beverly Hills building last week.

The 53-year-old was a jewellery designer born in India to British parents, who had worked for Royal jewellers Asprey.

Ms D’Auriol stayed overnight at the Camden Medical Arts building in Los Angeles, California, following the procedure for observation but awoke at 7am the next day aggressive and agitated, according to reports, before reportedly climbing to the roof of the 15-storey building.

British woman 'jumps to her death' at Hollywood plastic surgery clinic after reportedly undergoing a facelift

Police have now launched an investigation into the incident. Lt. Lincoln Hoshino of the Beverly Hills Police Department told The Daily News: "We are conducting an investigation to determine whether or not there was criminal negligence in the matter, other than that, everything else is under the (coroner’s jurisdiction)."

Her family have released a statement saying they believe her fall is linked to a "postoperative neurobehavioral disturbance".

They said: “We understand that throughout the psychotic incident, the Sandra we knew and loved for her calm, positive disposition never regained consciousness. We draw some comfort from that fact.

“Sandra’s daughters feel that awareness of the risks of post-operative psychosis when planning for surgery involving full anaesthesia may help others avoid a similar tragedy.”

“This is a devastating time for us as we mourn the loss of a beloved mother, wife, daughter and sister. The overwhelming support we are receiving from all corners of the globe also reminds us of how she touched so many lives.

“The grief of her friends and all that knew her matches our own. This outpouring of love and support gives us the strength needed to celebrate her legacy."

Dr Novack has not yet commented on the incident.